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Our Batch 6-02-03


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Grade 6 batch 2002- 2003


uniqueness-what shall I say 6-1 is very unique I mean all grde 6 have their own uniqueness but 6-1s uniqueness is that we have our own day UNITED 6-1 DAY[nov.12,2002] [ngbatibati na lhat kmi]

where can you find us?- you can find us in the cafeteria, outside the ballet rm, canteen, g.s lawn, gym, driveway[playing patintero] computer lab[gnuglo c ms. gabriel] faculty, corridors, g8 3 and xmpre sa clasrum..

our cool adviser- is mrs. concepcion franco our reading and language teacher. she is a kind of adviser that will not let you down. You can always count on her for a friendly smile. One of the most pretty and sexy teacher..


uniqueness-um d kc kme mxado close s knla eh.. but as far as we knw um.. sila lng ung clas na ngkarun ng pizza prty nung grde 5 kmi

where can you find them?-um everywhere sa lawn[naggui2tar sla] at kng saan2 pa..

their cool adviser-is ms. zacarias our filipino and sibika teacher. One of the funniest teacher. And her favorite color is purple!


uniqueness- um sori wla po kmi lam 2ngkol sa 6-3 um.. pro most of them are tall[kc mali2it ing 6-1 eh!] un lng

where can you find them?- um everywhere din..

their cool adviser- is ms. manigque our art and work ed. Teacher.. she is a very creative person un lng!


uniqueness- um sila ung section na plague umiiyak[sori.. ]

where can you find them- usually plague nmen sla nkkta sa c.r with other 6-5.. un pro u can also find them evrywhere!

Their cool adviser- is ms. dela pena our math teacher!

One of the most sexiest teacher!


uniqueness-um.. mgaling sla mag act on stge!! Kya nga sla lng ung sction n 2 ung winner dn sa mythology pageant!

Where can you find them?- um everywhere din!

Their cool adviser- is ms. limpin our fil. And sib. Teacher. Um kayang kaya ni ms. gayahin s charlene! [rmembr nung grad. Prctices!]


uniqueness- um one of our favorite class um wat can I say to them? Um mgaling sla mg speech! Um dmi eh um sla lng ung class na wla mxadong away and united sla!

Where can you find them?- um.. everywhre! Sa g8 3 [playing] mc. Do!, Dmas! Clasrum,cr, bsta sa skul.. hnapin mo ung pnaka msayang sction!!!

Their cool adviser- dba 2? C mrs. Villasenor mna! Um.. she has a new baby!!! Nxt is ms. rivera our science teacher! He2..she is a kind of teacher na pg trabho trabho! Pg jokes jokes!! [gets?]


uniqueness- um and2 ung mga matatangkad na gurlz.. yeah at xempre and2 ung vale! gling.. at mga mtatalino.. mga 6-7 mbabaet yan..

where can you find them?- everywhere dn! mostly sa my canteen ata tska sa tpat ng 2-7.. ahehe

Their cool adviser- is mrs. Turla our c.l teacher um. Ang haba ng pasenxa ni ms.. mabaet yan.. minsa'y nga nakokonsensya kme kc maingay kme.. kya sowi po miss!



Pwede wag ng burahin!!!


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